About the Shop

Chrisp Street on Air will host, record and broadcast live events from a shop in Chrisp Street Market. Once a Polish delicatessen, 11 Market Way is now home to Chrisp Street on Air’s mobile recording booth. Clearly visible through the shop window, the project’s storefront presence aims to connect the online broadcasts to the site and people they are speaking about and to.

The project’s bespoke recording booth mimics the framing structure of Chrisp Street’s classic market stalls. Whilst happy to sit indoors for more intimate sessions, the booth can be rolled out into the market for more public events and broadcasts.

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Chrisp Street on Air is a project to record, discuss and celebrate the distinctive
character of Chrisp Street Market. It is a project about the local businesses,
personal stories and everyday life of this part of East London.


The project involves the making and recording of a series of 9 radio podcasts
about Chrisp Street and the local area, alongside a series of live events in the market.
The Chrisp Street on Air headquarters are at 11 Market Way.


This disused shop has been converted into a temporary recording studio that will play host to a series of dinners and public recording and broadcasting sessions to discuss the future of the market.


Chrisp Street on Air 11 Market Way E14 6AH
Opening times
Tuesdays 10am – 5pm Thursdays 10am – 5pm
Chrisp Street On Air is supported by Tower Hamlets Council and the Mayor of London’s Portas Pilot Programme, which is nurturing town teams and helping increase the vibrancy and growth of high streets across London. Project Team: The Decorators in collaboration with Tom Keeley, Guglielmo Rossi and Ashley McCormick. Website design by Guglielmo Rossi. Programming by Joe Davis. Mixing by James Latimer.
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